A Directory of Hubs in Underserved Communities on the African Continent!

Our vision at How Do You Tech is to promote and facilitate the creation of hubs in different townships / villages, hubs set up to explore and equip citizens, especially females with digital + soft skills and provide a safe and conducive environment for the community to do tech.

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Step by Step Plan to Setup a Village or Town Hub

Get a space

A 12 by 12ft room size that is airy is more than enough to begin with. Ask around in your community, someone would be willing to support the project with a room or space they are not using if they know the benefits of having a tech hub for their young people expecially.

Spice it up

Add clean blinds (you can buy this at your local market and have it sown), paint the room if needed (three buckets of 5ltr paint should do). Add good lighting & a fan to make it comfy, design your walls with sticky notes (write inspiring words on them).

Get some furniture

Three tables and twelve chairs will do for starters. They don’t need to be brand new, if old, sew a table cloth to place on top, only make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight of a laptop or desktop computer. You don’t want your equipment damaged at the beginning.

Get a mini laptop or two

A mini laptop is easy to carry around considering if this space is yours or not. Also electricity may be an issue, if yes, then a laptop is more better suited to your project. Also it is not necessary to buy a brand new PC if you can’t afford one, a used mini PC and a mouse will do the job needed.

Find valuable offline courses

Depending on where you are, internet may be reliable or not, if reliable, might be expensive. So consider reaching out to creators of useful free online courses to provide you the offline version. GCFLearnFree.org is a good place to start.

Decide on opening hours

Depending on how available you are and how much time you want to spend giving back to your community, you will want to know before talking to parents and youth in your area how often you plan to be opened for learning and business.

Invite parents and youth to your hub

Now it is time to invite parents and youths to the hub to see what you have for them. Schedule trainings and workshops on basic digital skills, there are a lot of resources on the web to use as a guide. At the beginning, if not enough people show, fret not, you worry about being consistent and making an impact on those who do.


Be visible

Not everyone likes to blow the trumpet about what they do on social media and that’s okay. A lot of people who do so do it for the visibility it gives to their project. So for starters, add your hub to google maps and verify the listing if you can. We recommend you do.

Add your listing here for more visibility

Asides from supporting and collaborating with one another on our hub projects, and just in case you do not have your own website yet, you can share the URL from your listing on our site with friends & potential supporters.


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